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Individual Therapy

Therapy is about you and will be tailored to meet your unique needs. We will work together to identify personal/emotional barriers that stand in the way of you or your loved ones success and well being. Goals will be determined collaboratively and a plan will be put in place for us to best meet those goals. Therapy is designed to be a safe space to help process thoughts, emotions, and various situations that occur throughout our lives. 

  • Children (ages 4-12) Therapy may involve a combination of play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and talk therapy depending on the needs of the child. Children can have a difficult time expressing and understanding their emotions. This often leads to them lashing out in what appears to be anger. Our therapist will work with the child to learn more about emotions, how they are impacted by their emotions, and ways to effectively communicate what they are experiencing and feeling so that they can receive the support that they need.


  • Tweens and Teens (ages 11-19) Therapy involves a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and other techniques that will help to assist with the development of coping skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Middle and high school years often create a sense of uncertainty. Our therapist will work with your teen to help manage feelings of anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, bullying, self-harm, body image, decision making, social skills, and school stress.


  • Adults (ages 20+) Therapy will focus on first identifying the stressors that are currently impacting your daily functioning. Sometimes this may require working backwards to process and move on from past experiences that may still have an effect on the present. Our therapist will provide a supportive environment to allow for growth and foster the development of strengths leading to an improvement in coping skills to help manage difficult situations and the daily stressors that life has to offer.


The initial intake session will last approximately 60 minutes with follow up sessions ranging from 45-55 minutes. Additional time can be added to sessions based on need.  


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


~Lao Tsu

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