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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is founded on the idea that families share a connection and common bond. As families grow, they are often impacted by different experiences that happen both in and outside of the family unit. These experiences can have an impact on the functioning of the family. Therapy will focus on the family’s strengths and promote open, effective communication to aid in more successful ways to identify and address problems as they occur. Sometimes, it may appear that just one member of the family is the source of stress. As a team, we will work together to help relieve the stress and bring balance and peace back to the home. Family therapy can help to mend broken relationships, promote healing from unresolved conflict, and enhance effective communication and active listening skills between family members. With family therapy, the family, as a whole, is the client. If individual therapy is needed for one or more members of the family, a referral for separate therapy may be recommended.

The initial family session will be approximately 60 minutes with follow up session being 45-55 minutes.

In truth, a family

is what you

make it

~Marge Kennedy

Family at a Beach
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